Correct Citations Boost Local Search

Cupertino SEO Corrects Online Business Listings

Your local business listing is your online profile

It contains your business name, address, phone number, and other details. Do you know how many directories on which your local business can create free business listings? These business directories list all the businesses like yours within the same category. Other areas business listings can appear besides local directories, are local blogs and news websites.

The key is to be active in your local business listings or citations

Help local consumers find you. Local Citations are a key factor in local search rankings. When your listings are correct and consistent online, not only can new customers discover your business, citation sites like Yelp increase your visibility and validate you are established, gaining trust from your visitors.
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Get Traffic To Stay And Come Back

Engage those who visit your site to stay.

A web marketing campaign takes data collected from your website about how people use your site, so that you can measure it. The data may show what is happening when a user is on your site, if they are new or returning, but it won’t show why they left your site without acting or what they might have been thinking when they were visiting.


Do Your Visitors Stay or Do They Go?

When it comes to improving the metrics, it’s nebulous to human behavior. What were they thinking? Who are they? These questions can best be answered by human intelligence. A store with foot traffic knows this. Take for example, the store window displays. Let’s say the marketing department is responsible to display a seasonal product, but goes a step further and creatively considers what appeals to the public walking by. More importantly, once a person lands inside, how welcome are they feeling to browsing around. [continue reading…]

Overcome Big Sites Through SEO Campaign

Small Business SEO Campaign | Katraffik Digital Marketing

With SEO defined as a competitive space, it’s become important to understand how to compete against the “big boys.”

Ever gone onto Google, typed in a keyword, and tossed your laptop across the room because big budget competition is in the way?

Well, it’s not a hopeless situation. In fact, you might be at an advantage even if you haven’t realized it yet.

This read will analyze what a person can do with a small budget site when running SEO campaigns against the big boys who have millions to spend.

Understand Your Advantages

Before anything else, you need to realize a small budget site will enjoy benefits the big boys can’t.

1) Authentic Vibe
2) Focused Content
3) Niche Appeal
4) No “Chains” Holding You Down

Let’s start with “authentic vibe” because it plays a significant role in your chances of ranking over the big players. The premise of this benefit is to highlight of being seen as an authentic source. Many users will associate a smaller site with passionate site owners who are committed to overcoming larger sites. This vibe generates interest because passionate information is highly sought after in any niche. You want to play to this interest and emphasize your passion in all posts.

You are also able to generate “focused content,” which means you can touch on components of your niche a larger site won’t care for. You can go after the low-hanging fruit while bigger sites go after larger keywords their budgets allow them to chase. Ignore their efforts at those keywords and remain focused on your content. It will help you dominate.

The next advantage is “niche appeal” because you need to take a slice of the market and corner it. Let the big boys swing for the fences, while you knock around singles and score. A good example would be the gardening niche. You don’t have to target the entire niche, why not pick a particular segment and emphasize it on your site such as “gardening carrots”? This enables you to generate a lot of SEO interest for gardening carrots while the larger sites focus on the niche as a whole.

The last advantage you have is the lack of “chains” holding you down. What does this mean? Well, larger sites are tied to other businesses and sponsors who are funneling funds in their directions. This means they might not always be honest with their readers. You want to stay away from this and remain genuine. People adore original content, and this will bolster your chances of ranking.

Tips To Overcome Big Sites

Well, all of those advantages are nice and should bolster your site, but what about SEO and beating big sites along the way? How will you be able to do this and not have to spend millions?

Let’s take a look.

Focus On Authority In Segment

This has been mentioned above. You have to target a corner of the market and become the “best” at it. You want to take this segment and make it your own in a way no big site will ever be able to match. Remember, to dominate SEO; you need to focus on specific segments because generalized competition can be overwhelming even for larger sites. You don’t want to get disoriented in this tussle because money will be lost and tears will be shed.

Tweak Keyword Research

How are you researching keywords? You have to tweak your approach for long-term results.

There are many keyword types, but the ones you have to focus on are “long-tail” and “comparison” keywords. These are the best to help acquire those low-hanging fruits when it comes to leads.

Long-tail keywords are 4-5 words in length and big sites don’t target them unless it happens organically. You should pinpoint those keywords and snatch them up one by one. Over time, you will have a substantial base of leads, which can rival any big site.

The same applies to comparison keywords where you are pitting two things together.

Quality Matters

How is your content right now? Are you focusing on quality or putting up hordes of content looking to hit gold? Well, you need to reduce your quantity and start emphasizing quality.

Quality matters when you are a small site because users will stick around if they admire what you’ve written. Remember, your advantage is passion and that’s what quality illustrates to the average user coming to your site.

Don’t ignore this because quality trumps everything for small sites.

Focus On Relationships

Ever felt like you’re talking to a robot on the other end of the line with major companies? The same applies to online correspondence too. You don’t want to come across as being machinelike.

Many large sites do this because of the number of leads they generate. It becomes hard for them to maintain a human touch with the work they’re doing, and it’s hard to blame them with those figures.

However, you don’t have the same leeway. You can personalize content and build relationships with your leads.

Don’t avoid doing this because it will create lifelong leads that buy anything you have to sell and help your SEO campaigns too.

This is how you’re going to compete with the big boys and live to tell the tale. There’s no reason to assume things will be easy, but you will be able to rank and generate significant traffic without millions of dollars in your pocket.

Start now and watch as you progress rapidly.

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