Get Traffic To Stay And Come Back

Engage those who visit your site to stay.

A web marketing campaign takes data collected from your website about how people use your site, so that you can measure it. The data may show what is happening when a user is on your site, if they are new or returning, but it won’t show why they left your site without acting or what they might have been thinking when they were visiting.


Do Your Visitors Stay or Do They Go?

When it comes to improving the metrics, it’s nebulous to human behavior. What were they thinking? Who are they? These questions can best be answered by human intelligence. A store with foot traffic knows this. Take for example, the store window displays. Let’s say the marketing department is responsible to display a seasonal product, but goes a step further and creatively considers what appeals to the public walking by. More importantly, once a person lands inside, how welcome are they feeling to browsing around.

Look at your site as if you were new to it, as if you just landed there. It may be difficult to work around the noise in your head about all the nuances you like or don’t like about your site, but pretend you have never seen it before, and listen to the first thought that comes to your mind. What is your aim? Where would you go first? How easy is it to find? Maybe you need some ideas to help you decide where to go?

Know what it takes to stay longer

If you think about the purpose of your website is to get more customers to buy your service, then wouldn’t it be prudent to ensure they are comfortable once they click on your site? Customer service is being there on the spot with a way of expressing yourself as someone who approaches you and genuinely cares when they say, how can I help you? What if you were inside the pixel of an image on your website and watched your user’s experience?

What would you want to tell them first when them came through the door? What would you offer them to feast on? How would you tell them you want them to relax and stay awhile?

Show your guest how to get around

A client of mine had a service question about a product he was using, and I asked him, “Why not go to their website”? He said to me, “when I go to their website, I can’t find the answer. I just keep going around and around”. He refused to go back to the site. Yikes.

Perhaps you may need to look at the background of your site’s architecture and optimize it. Connect things so there is a natural flow. Professional SEO will take care of this, but user experience must be considered. Don’t expect your customers to think for themselves – they may be accustomed to being led to a decision. Marketer experts use state of the art automation tools that know the user through their thought process while they are visiting the site. It helps them improve the areas on a site where users are most likely to decide. It is important for you to know that when they come to your site, you are prepared for their expectation of being guided through the navigation of your website.

Give them a reason to come back

Give them something that makes them feel like staying for a while as if they had a comfortable chair to sit in and a treat to eat while conversing with your service information.

This approach is contrast to simply throwing up a website because everybody is doing it, and thinking you’re done. Fortunately, you are a store owner and you must act like it. Your store neighbor may have more appeal and therefore you lost a potential customer. Treat your next visitor with respect like they are a guest in your house. Honor their presence by making them comfortable. Easy navigation, clear messaging, interesting topics, local stories, sweet deals – these are a few ways to make an electronic store presence warm and inviting so those clicks keep coming back.




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