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What is Search Engine Optimization?

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Every day people search online to find answers to any question including who provides services and products for a particular idea, need or want.  Search engines deliver the goods to finding their solutions.
Whether it is home remodels or cutting hair, people will type into the search engine the service or product they desire. When the search engine pops a business or solution on its list, it immediately provides that company with credibility. Search engine optimization ensures your website’s visibility and content is on the first page of search engine results pages.

Why Does Every Business Need SEO?

Not only does your website site need to make it easy for people to navigate, it also needs a powerful website structure to help search engines index your website quickly. This can supply a great connection with making use of your website to guests and inspire repeat appointments.  Google is watching user-experience. The best sign of the significance of SEO is how it pertains to search engines driving traffic to your site.  A 2015 study found Google makes up about 90% of worldwide natural search traffic. So you need to assist Google by using SEO to be a powerful presence. 

How does Keyword Strategy work?

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Keyword optimization on your website is one way the search engines rank your pages and how online users can effectively find you while searching with a chosen keyword.

It is ideal to rank high for certain keywords, but it is equally important what is going on in the background. Having a solid linking strategy that speaks to the algorithms of the search engines, is integral to the success of your business.

Search optimization strategy includes how relevant are the results to the searcher’s keyword inquiry. Internal linking helps push traffic around the site and creates trust signals for Google. Linking to authority sites does too.

Put SEO methodology into practice and experience an increase in profit and long-term return on your investment. We are a premier SEO firm serving San Jose and the Bay Area.

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