Get Traffic To Stay And Come Back

Engage those who visit your site to stay.

A web marketing campaign takes data collected from your website about how people use your site, so that you can measure it. The data may show what is happening when a user is on your site, if they are new or returning, but it won’t show why they left your site without acting or what they might have been thinking when they were visiting.


Do Your Visitors Stay or Do They Go?

When it comes to improving the metrics, it’s nebulous to human behavior. What were they thinking? Who are they? These questions can best be answered by human intelligence. A store with foot traffic knows this. Take for example, the store window displays. Let’s say the marketing department is responsible to display a seasonal product, but goes a step further and creatively considers what appeals to the public walking by. More importantly, once a person lands inside, how welcome are they feeling to browsing around. [continue reading…]