Web Design

What is the purpose of your website? Don’t have a website yet? No worries, we can help you get set up.

Many people think their website is to let people know about their business or show people their work or testimonials.

But what if we told you that your website is for turning calls into sales or visiting your store or establishment?

You and I want people to take a specific action after landing on your website. Your website must keep people on your pages long enough for them to make a decision and take action.

If you are a cookie maker, you could have the best cookies in the entire San Francisco Bay Area, but if your website doesn’t have 1) the right look and functionality, 2) the right message, and 3) the right results in the search engines, your phone is not going to ring.

You want your phone to ring! You want so many orders that you have to hire additional staff to keep up.

The same goes if you are an attorney, medical doctor, dentist, florist, restaurant, or any other business owner.

In the world of creating and maintaining an online business presence, you don’t just throw up a website and you are done. Your website is no use if no one finds it. And if it’s not on page one of the search engines, you are invisible.

Our clients are cookie makers, auto body mechanics, construction contractors, consultants, hair stylists, restaurant and store owners, etc. They are not web design experts.

That’s what we are! We immediately address your website problems. We help you concentrate on your customers while we create your online presence to attract more business than ever before.

Web design is much more than choosing the right domain and hosting company for your site or deciding what your advertising budget is going to be.

Our work in web design certainly encompasses those elements and more; however, there are numerous woven steps involved that average business owners would not be expected to understand unless they are introduced to them.

For example, you may think that moving images on your web page is a good idea but in some cases, your idea could slow down the load time of your website. People visiting your site could become impatient and quickly click away. The traffic that comes to your site is hungry to be engaged and desires to find what they need and be done. If you can’t keep them on your site long enough for them to make a decision they won’t buy and are not likely to return. This is a big deal!

There is a fine balance of “ingredients” that go into creating a website that is visually appealing while moving your visitors through the information that will compel them to either make a purchase, walk through your doors, or call you on the phone.

As a business owner, you do not need to understand the complexities of HTML/XHTML, JPEGs, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS – used to position page elements), Flash, Java, QuickTime, plug-ins, or any other computer terminology or language.

Nor do you need to understand how to create compelling and engaging copy for your site. That is what we’re here for. We understand all of this, and we know how to implement it.

At Katraffik Digital Marketing, our job is to create and maintain a website that:

1) you are happy with,

2) your potential customers will find,

3) answers the buyer’s concerns so they can take action,

4) clearly shows the benefits of your business, and

5) inspires the customer to follow through with their purchasing decision.

We are experts in web design and managing our clients’ online presence. Let us help you present yourself at your best so that your people can find you and your expertise quickly.

Let’s get started! Give us a call today, and we’ll show you how you can win more business too!